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Q Ball slaying charges advance

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Chauncey “Fresh” Lampkin

A witness identified 27-year-old Chancey Cartier “Fresh” Lampkin as the gunman in the March 30 fatal shooting of a Q Ball Cafe security guard in Spotsylvania County.

Following a preliminary hearing Thursday, four charges —including a murder count—were certified to a Spotsylvania Circuit Court grand jury.

The grand jury will hear evidence of the charges on Aug. 19.

Lampkin, of Gainesville, Fla., who has ties to the Spotsylvania area, is charged with murder, aggravated malicious wounding, shooting at an occupied dwelling and shooting from a vehicle. A malicious wounding by mob charge was dropped by the prosecutors.

During the nearly two-hour preliminary hearing, Judge Ricardo Rigual heard testimony from Derrick Hull, who worked as a security guard with co-worker Marcellus “Bull” Greene, 45, who was fatally shot outside the Q Ball.

Hull identified Lampkin as being at the club that night, saying he remembered him because he had a Florida identification card and he wore a distinctive black vest with the letters GKB on it.

He said Lampkin was later escorted out of the club after he got into an altercation with a group referred to as Hustle Nation.

Hull said he saw Lampkin later wearing a tight, gray hoodie and tight-fitting jeans, pacing back and forth in the parking lot.

Hull said Lampkin’s friend Lavon Antonio Chew made a few remarks to men from the Hustle Nation about getting their friends to come outside. Hull mentioned that Chew had an altercation with that group about three weeks earlier.

A few minutes later, a group of Hustle Nation people came out and approached Lampkin, Hull said.

Hull said Lampkin was backing away from them, but appeared to be trying to grab something from the front pocket of his hoodie.

Hull said one of the men rushed Lampkin and the rest of the group started to stomp and punch Lampkin as he was on the ground.

“We [security guards] threw them off of him and we saw that he had a knife,” Hull said. Then he said Lampkin jumped up and ran toward the road.

When Hull turned around, the Hustle Nation guys were jumping on another guy, he said.

Hull said the Hustle Nation guys tried to get back in the club, but were refused. He said one of them told him that someone from the other group had a gun in the parking lot.

Hull said he scanned the parking lot and saw a car, which he thought was silver, slowly drive up the hill past the club and stop.

“I see Lampkin keep looking out the [passenger] window. Then I see an arm reach up with a chrome gun and I heard the first pow,” he said. “Then I heard pow pow pow pow pow.”

He said he recalled one of the other bouncers jumping up and down, saying Bull was hit.

“I stepped around the corner and I saw Mr. Greene laying on his back and all I saw was a puddle of blood around his head,” Hull said. “I couldn’t look at that so I walked away.”

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Ryan Mehaffey maintained that there was enough probable cause to move forward with the charges because Lampkin was identified as the shooter by his face and his clothing by the security guard.

Defense attorney Drew Page argued that Hull’s testimony was sketchy because he couldn’t remember the details and that because he saw a gun doesn’t mean that Lampkin was the one who pulled the trigger.

Greene “did not deserve to die, but this is a case about details and who is responsible,” Page said. “And that is not my client. It could have been the driver’s sleeve leaning out of the window.”

Page also questioned the accuracy of Hull’s testimony because he’d had a prior relationship with the Hustle Nation group and because he didn’t see the gunshots—he just heard them.

Chew, 27, and David Burroughs, 26, had faced charges in connection to the shooting, but charges against both of them were dropped.

Lampkin, who was wanted by authorities for more than a month before being arrested in Mount Vernon, N.Y., on other charges, is being held in Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond.

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