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Nanny testifies in rape case of martial-arts instructor Jose Luis Acanda–Montano

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Rape and forcible sodomy charges were certified Monday against a taekwondo instructor in Spotsylvania County and will be sent to a grand jury in August.

Judge Ricardo Rigual found probable cause that Jose Luis Acanda–Montano, 33, of Spotsylvania, sexually assaulted and sodomized a woman he hired to be his children’s nanny.

The woman testified in Spotsylvania General District Court that the incident occurred two weeks after she started working for the Acanda family as a live-in nanny. She and her young son lived in the basement of the Heritage Hills home.

She testified that the Feb. 5 incident occurred while Acanda–Montano’s wife was out of the country and her son was visiting grandparents out of state.

She said that Acanda–Montano had sold a company car that day and wanted to celebrate, so he asked her to go to the store to buy some alcohol. By the time she returned, she said he had already put his two children to bed.

She said they chatted for a few moments about music and he offered her some of the alcohol, which she accepted. She testified that she didn’t drink a lot and went back down to the basement.

The woman testified that when she came back upstairs to do some laundry, Acanda–Montano came up behind her and grabbed her breasts.

She said she asked him what he was doing and tried to get away from him, but then he grabbed the back of her neck with his hands to the point she felt paralyzed.

She said he pulled down her sweatpants with the other hand and forced himself on to her.

She said she kept telling him to stop and to get off of her.

“He said, ‘You’ll take it and you’ll like it,’ and then he started speaking in Spanish,” she told the judge in an emotional testimony.

She said she was able to run out of the laundry room into the kitchen, where he grabbed the back of her neck again and forced her to perform oral sex on him. She testified that she tried to run down to the basement and lock herself in her bedroom. But he caught up with her, she said, and forced himself on her again on her bed.

“After that, he just got up, pulled his pants up and walked out of the room,” she testified. “He just got up and walked out like nothing happened.”

She said the encounter from the laundry room to the bedroom lasted about three minutes.

She said she locked herself in her bedroom for about 30 minutes before calling her sister and 911.

Later in her testimony, she said his wife had warned her of a similar situation years prior.

His wife told her that a woman he once worked with claimed he sexually assaulted her, but the charges were dropped after the woman didn’t show up for court.

She said the wife didn’t believe anything happened with that first woman, but if he made any sexual comment to her to let her know.

According to court records, Acanda–Montano was charged with sexual battery in Spotsylvania in 2010, but those charges were later dropped.

Acanda’s wife filed for divorce shortly after the most recent charges were filed.

Acanda–Montano is owner of Boa Martial Arts Inc. on Bragg Road, which teaches taekwondo, kickboxing and jiujitsu to children and adults. He was trained by the Cuban Sports Federation in Olympic-style taekwondo.

The incident is not related to his business.

A grand jury is scheduled to meet on his case on Aug. 19.

Acanda–Montano is out on bond.

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