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Naked man wielding gardening shears Tasered in Stafford County, police say

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One Stafford County resident got a rude surprise early Sunday morning when police say he was awoken by a naked man wielding gardening shears.

According to the Stafford Sheriff’s Office, a county man who lives on Stefaniga Road in North Stafford said he was startled by a noise at about 3 a.m. Sunday.

He looked outside and noticed a figure rifling through his vehicles, said Bill Kennedy, Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

The resident called 911 and Sgt. Dan Purcell responded to the scene, Kennedy said.

Kennedy said that when Purcell arrived, he found the resident swinging a baseball bat to keep the suspect, who was swinging the shears, at bay.

The sergeant reported that the suspect had a large pair of shears and was lunging at the resident.

Purcell identified himself and twice told the suspect to drop the shears and get on the ground, but the man did not, Kennedy said.

He said the sergeant reported that the suspect’s speech appeared to be slurred and that there was a smell of alcohol coming from him.

After the second warning, Purcell Tasered the man, who was incapacitated and arrested, Kennedy said.

Edwin Palacios, a 31-year-old who lives on Susan Street in Garrisonville, was taken to the Rappahannock Regional Jail and held under no bond.

He faces charges of public drunkenness, four counts of tampering with vehicles, assault and resisting arrest.