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Spotsylvania County Crime Solvers is seeking information on the following crimes:

  • Between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on June 12, someone broke into a residence in the 5800 block of Albin Court and stole one black, one brown, one green, and one blue pair of boots, a pair of Adidas shoes valued at $80, and two pairs of Air Jordan shoes valued at $360. CFS 13-064274
  • Between 11 p.m. on June 15 and 11 p.m. on June 16, a motorist parked a vehicle in the 5300 block of Hams Ford Road and left the keys in it, and it was taken. It is a silver 2011 Toyota Camry, displaying North Carolina license number BFM–9524 and valued at $20,000. A suspect was named and the vehicle was recovered June 20 in Fairmont, W.Va. CFS 13-065821
  • Between 4 and 4:30 p.m. on June 16, someone stole a red and white 1985 Honda-200 3-wheeled motorcycle from the 9600 block of Post Oak Road. The motorcycle does not run and the ID number is unknown. Its value is $800. CFS 13-065789
  • Between 10 a.m. and noon on June 14, someone stole a camouflage drawstring bag from the back seat of the 2007 Ford Taurus parked in a driveway in the 3700 block of Lee Hill Village Circle. Inside the bag was an assortment of his clothing, a DVD player and 5 DVDs, along with Oxymorphone, Xanax, and Soma pills. CFS 13-064958
  • Between 2 and 3 p.m. on June 18, someone stole a white iPhone valued at $450 from the bleachers at the YMCA, 5700 Smith Station Road, while the owner was playing basketball. CFS 13-066603
  • Between 11 p.m. on June 16 and 3 p.m. on June 17, someone shattered the right rear window of a 2007 PT Cruiser while it was parked in a driveway in the 11200 block of Tidewater Trail. Taken was a backpack valued at $20, a charger valued at $20, four games valued at $80, and two Nintendo gaming systems valued at $380. Window damage is $ 200. CFS 13-066654
  • Between 2:30 and 2:40 p.m. on June 14, two black males entered Macy’s, 3102 Plank Road, with one carrying an empty Macy’s bag. They went to the men’s department and put three pairs of Levi’s jeans, three Lacoste shirts, one Lee polo package shirt set, two packages of Polo underwear, and two Alfani shirts, all totaling to $516, in the bag. The loss prevention agent attempted to make contact with them, but they quickly exited. CFS 13-065029
  • Between 10 p.m. on June 17 and 7 a.m. on June 18, someone stole a four-foot-by-four-foot advertising sign from the front of a driveway in the 4500 block of Partlow Road. The sign advertises a lawn business and is white, green and yellow, and valued at $800. CFS 13-066380
  • Between 2 p.m. on June 14 and 5 p.m. on June 15, someone stole a Toro electric leaf blower, a Toro weed eater, Black and Decker hedge clippers, an electric chain saw, three 25-foot and two 50-foot extension cords from the 11700 block of Hoover Lane. All items were under the deck and visible. Amount of loss is $490. CFS 13-065473
  • Between 4 p.m. on June 14 and 8 a.m. on June 15, someone stole a green 2000 Kawasaki-85 motorcycle chained to a fence with a locking cable in the 8400 block of Glenmont Drive. The cycle has missing parts and does not run. It is valued at $200. CFS 13-065285
  • Between 5 p.m. on June 14 and 8 a.m. on June 15, someone stole a silver Char–Broil grill, a gasoline can with a gallon of gasoline, and a propane tank from the rear deck of a residence in the 100 block of Chinaberry Drive. Amount of loss is $342.69. CFS 13-065352
  • Between 4:30 and 6 p.m. on June 12, someone stole both license plates, Virginia WTL–5713, from a vehicle in the parking lot of the Food Lion at 3402 Shannon Park Drive. CFS 13-064275
  • Between 11 and 11:15 a.m. on June 16, someone stole a green wallet containing $100, a driver’s license, and two USAA credit cards from a table at Food Lion, 6320 Jefferson Davis Highway. CFS 13-064459
  • Between 4 and 4:15 p.m. on June 13, someone stole 10 Adderall pills from a 2009 Volkswagen convertible in the parking lot of the Food Lion, 10600 Courthouse Road. The car had the top down. CFS 13-064944
  • Between 4:30 and 4:40 p.m. on June 14, someone stole a container of Hair Glue and two packages of hair from Gita’s Beauty Supply, 4127 Plank Road. The incident was recorded. The manager may have suspect’s phone number. Total loss is $27.67. CFS 13-065064
  • Between 12:45 and 1 p.m. on June 14, a black couple entered the 7–Eleven, 10501 Courthouse Road, and the female put two ice coffee containers in a purse and left. The male took a roll of Life Saver’s and two Rice Krispy Treats and placed them in his shorts and left. An employee wrote down the license plate number. Amount of loss is $10.35. CFS 13-064990
  • Between 12:01 and 2:30 a.m. on June 16, a male ordered a pack of cigarettes at the 7–Eleven, 4640 Lee Hill School Drive, and grabbed them from the counter and left. He is described as possibly Hispanic, long black hair, a beard and mustache, 5 foot 11 and 150 pound. Value of the loss is $3.52. CFS 13-065615
  • Between 4:45 and 5 p.m. on June 15, two white males entered the Giant store, 5701 Plank Road and placed beer and other merchandise in a grocery cart then left the store without paying. Both are in their 40s. One wore a bucket hat with a confederate flag on the top, and the other had long hair. Amount of the loss is $50. CFS 13-065454
  • Between 8:30 and 9 p.m. on June 12, someone threw eggs and spray painted black symbols on the tail gate of a white 2005 Nissan Armada in the 6800 block of Greenvale Road. Cost for repairs is estimated at $150. CFS 13-064303
  • Between 10:45 and 11 p.m. on June 12, someone tore down a six-foot section of boards and rail in the 10800 block of Chancellorsville Drive and broke them in half. Juveniles were seen in the area, and when interviewed they denied committing the damage. The parents agreed to repair the damages. CFS 13-064320
  • Between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on June 17, someone slashed the right front tire of a 2013 Dodge while it was parked in the lot of Safford Dodge, 5202 Jefferson Davis Highway. Later, while someone was driving the vehicle, the tire went flat and damaged the rim. Damage is $500. The cuts were visible. CFS 13-066534
  • Between 12:01 and 1:20 a.m. on June 17, someone spray painted a door near the play area of the park at 9910 Lee Hill Park. When a deputy noticed it, the paint was not yet dry. CFS 13-065895
  • Between noon and 4 p.m. on June 15, someone broke the right rear window of a silver 2008 Cadillac in the 10700 block of Wakeman Drive. The cost to replace it is $350.00. CFS 13-065490
  • Between 9 a.m. and 12:10 p.m. on June 14, someone broke the rear window of a beige 2003 Cadillac DeVille in the 11000 block of Spring Meadow Blvd. Damage is estimated at $225. CFS 13-064984