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Stafford County man charged after low-speed chase

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A Stafford County man was charged with a felony following a low-speed chase Tuesday during which he held up traffic on State Route 3 in the county, police said.

Sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy said police got about 15 calls shortly after 7 a.m. regarding an eastbound vehicle that was being driven extremely slowly and was veering all over the road. Other drivers were afraid to pass because of the erratic driving.

Deputy Jake Redmond responded to the 1100 block of Kings Highway (State Route 3) and saw the driver pass by going about 21 mph on a flat tire, police said.

The driver did not appear to notice Redmond.

Redmond followed the vehicle for about a mile with his lights flashing. The driver rode from shoulder to shoulder and at one point drove up the embankment, wiping out several shrubs, police said.

He then got back on the road and continued his erratic driving, Kennedy said.

Redmond and Deputy Stephanie Ellington finally boxed the driver in and got him to stop.

Michael Joseph Grigg, 60, of Hollywood Farm Road in Stafford was charged with felony eluding, driving while intoxicated and impeding the flow of traffic.

He was placed in the Rappahannock Regional Jail under a $2,500 bond.

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