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Man pleads guilty to 33 burglary-related charges

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A man who broke into and stole from numerous rooms and vehicles—mostly in the University of Mary Washington area—pleaded guilty to 33 charges Thursday in Fredericksburg Circuit Court.

Evan Arsenio Williams, who is in his 20s, was convicted of multiple counts of burglary, larceny, vehicle tampering and destruction of property. Eighteen of the convictions are felonies, including a criminal solicitation conviction for trying to bribe a UMW student who caught him in the act of a burglary on Jan. 25. He will be sentenced Aug. 13.

According to prosecutor Travis Bird, Williams’ crime spree took place in December and January. One of the busiest nights, Bird said, was on Dec. 29, when Williams broke into eight rooms in Virginia Hall. iPods, Xboxes, cameras, jewelry and cash were among the items taken.

On Jan. 17, according to the evidence, Williams broke through a wall in Dupont Hall and entered eight offices. On Jan. 25, Williams had knocked a hole in a wall at Pollard Hall when a student encountered him.

Williams offered the student $200 not to call the police, then left after the student declined the offer. He returned a few minutes later, Bird said, muttering that he’d left his phone behind. He left a second time, and the student called police.

A lookout was broadcast, and a Fredericksburg police officer spotted him a short time later walking near the campus. As the officer approached, Williams dropped a fake gun that had been reported stolen in one of his earlier thefts.

Bird said Williams immediately admitted to the burglaries and told police about some they would not otherwise have been able to pin on him. Williams claimed he needed money to feed his family.

Police found more than 20 items in Williams’ apartment that had been stolen at UMW. Williams had told police the items were there. Bird said Williams has no connection to UMW other than living near the campus.

Williams was also ordered to make restitution to all of his victims, including $6,500 for damage at Dupont Hall. UMW Detective Brad Sullivan headed the investigation.

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