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Arthur Gonzales, FBI agent accused of killing estranged wife, gets $25,000 bond in Stafford County

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Arthur Bernard Gonzales


Arthur Bernard Gonzales, 43, an FBI agent who is accused of killing his estranged wife last month, received a $25,000 bond from Judge Sarah Deneke.

Gonzales was arrested May 10 in connection with the April 10 slaying of his wife, 42-year-old Julie Serna Gonzales.

Julie Gonzales was shot four times during an altercation at a home on Alderwood Drive in North Stafford where Arthur Gonzales lives with the couple’s two sons.

In a 911 call for help, Gonzales identified himself as an FBI agent and claimed his wife attacked him with a knife.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Eric Olsen cited the fact that Julie Gonzales was shot four times as a reason to hold Arthur Gonzales without bond.

He also claimed that Gonzales also hurt his children by bringing them along when he turned himself in at the Sheriff’s Office. Olsen said the children were crying and clinging to him as he was arrested.

“Those are the actions of someone who is more concerned with himself than his kids,” Olsen said.

Defense attorney Mark Gardner said there was no reason to deny bond, pointing out Gonzales’ 18 years with the FBI and his lack of a criminal record.

In granting the $25,000 bond, Judge Deneke ordered that Gonzales have no guns in his home or on his person.

She also granted Olsen’s request that the search warrant affidavit connected to the case continue to be sealed. Olsen argued that the affidavit contains information that could “taint” a potential jury pool.

Gonzales posted bond and was released Thursday afternoon.

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