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Spotsy school board candidates line up

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Linda Wieland will not seek re-election in November when three Spotsylvania school board posts, including her Battlefield District seat, come up for election.

Wieland said her time on the school board has “been a very rewarding almost six years.”

She said serving on the board was a good transition from teaching, and she expects to volunteer in Spotsylvania schools in the future.

“But 36 years in schools is enough, I think,” she said. “I’m at a time in my life where I’d like to spend more time with my family.”

Both school board member Gil Seaux of the Berkeley District and chairwoman Amanda Blalock of the Lee Hill District will seek re-election. Neither has a challenger right now.

Seaux, who is in his seventh year serving on the school board, said he has 23,725 reasons to seek re-election: the students.

He said he hopes to ensure all students in Spotsylvania receive a quality education.

Baron P. Braswell, who ran for the school board against Linda Wieland in the last election, will run for the Battlefield District seat.

He is currently the only candidate for that district.

Braswell, 51 and an insurance agent, said he initially got involved with the Spotsylvania school system seven years ago when his son, a student at Courtland High School, was murdered.

He said he has established a relationship with the schools and students through volunteering as a grief counselor, character educator for football programs and coach for junior varsity football.

During the last election, he lost to Wieland by 29 votes, less than 1 percent.

“This time around the same issues are still on the burner for me,” he said.

Braswell said he wants to eliminate athletic fees for students in Spotsylvania.

“It’s an unfair burden on kids who participate in after-school programs,” he said.

Braswell also wants to propose a pay increase for teachers who have been with the district for five years, which he calls a “loyalty stipend.”

“It’s not an across-the-board raise, which has been too expensive,” he said. “This is a targeted raise for teachers who have demonstrated loyalty and gives those teachers coming behind something to look forward to.”

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