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Stafford woman’s screaming silenced in pot bust

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A Stafford woman landed in jail on drug-related charges this week after her continuous screaming led a neighbor to call the Sheriff’s Office, police said.

Sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy said Deputy Ray Gill went to an apartment complex on Shasta Place in England Run North about 11:15 a.m. Wednesday after a neighbor reported loud yelling.

The caller told police that it sounded like a woman was asking for help.

Gill and other deputies went to an upper-floor apartment and knocked several times before a woman answered the door.

The woman told police that everything was fine and she had been yelling at her two small children because they were misbehaving.

Kennedy said deputies went into the home to make sure everyone was OK. They smelled burned marijuana and saw drug paraphernalia in the living room.

A subsequent search turned up two large bags of marijuana, police said.

Chelsea Wright, 20, was charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and two counts of child neglect. Kennedy said the neglect charges stemmed from drugs being used in the presence of the children.

Another adult was in the home but was not charged. The children were turned over to a family member as their mother was taken to jail.

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