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Turkeys, hens and cigarettes stolen in Stafford County

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Turkeys, hens and cigarettes were the targets of thieves in Stafford County over the weekend, police said.

Sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy said 10 hens and three turkeys were taken from coops on Forest Hill Lane late Friday or early Saturday. The same night, Kennedy said, two Royal Palm turkeys were stolen from property on nearby Boundary Drive. Royal Palm is a rare breed of turkey, Kennedy said.

Multiple cartons of cigarettes were taken from the Shell station at 1056 Courthouse Road between late Saturday and 5:25 a.m. Sunday. An employee reported that he didn’t immediately notice anything amiss after arriving at the store, but soon noticed register receipt rolls on the floor. He then found a large hole in a cinderblock wall in another part of the building, Kennedy said, and called police. Other than the cigarettes, nothing else appeared to be missing.