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Stafford investigates teen’s gang allegations

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Stafford detectives are investigating a teenager’s claims about criminal activity involving his gang, including plans to burglarize a county deputy’s home.

In affidavits for search warrants filed in Stafford Circuit Court, police said the Stafford juvenile contacted them because he was angry with fellow gang members.

His anger stemmed from a beating he took as a disciplinary measure, according to court records.

No arrests have been announced as the result of information gathered from the boy, sources said, but police are looking into his allegations.

The teen, who is currently in the Rappahannock Juvenile Detention Center, told Detective A.M. Irizarry that he joined the “Black P Stones” last summer after running away from home.

He said the Black P Stones are a part of the Bloods, and he was beaten for 31 seconds as part of his gang initiation.

He was punched and kicked all over his body during the 31-second beating, which court records state that the Bloods refer to as “31 in a box.”

However, the beating that caused the boy to contact police came earlier this month after he refused an order to break into the deputy’s house.

The gang had been watching the deputy’s home for about 10 months, according to the affidavit, and knew that he often left his back door unlocked.

The boy said the gang had information that the deputy had three firearms inside and he was assigned to go get them while the deputy was on duty at a county high school.

When he refused, the boy said, he was “disciplined” and the task was given to another gang member.

The deputy was named in the affidavit and his home has not been broken into so far.

The names and nicknames of some of the alleged gang members are also listed in the affidavits, but are not being named in this story because they have not been charged in connection with the teen’s claims.

The boy also told police about a number of shootings in the region that his fellow gang members are responsible for, including a recent one at Central Station in Fredericksburg.

The boy said shoplifting is the only crime he has committed for the gang. He said he could have “picked up rank” had he followed orders and gone into the deputy’s home.

Stafford Capt. Billy Bowler said he was aware of the allegations, but said he could not discuss the ongoing investigation.

The Stafford Sheriff’s Office has stepped up investigations into gang activity in recent years.

Two years ago, the Board of Supervisors approved four new positions that would be focused exclusively on gang activity in the county.

The Sheriff’s Office said at the time that gangs involve people as young as 12 and most are not affiliated with the national gangs.

In the fall of 2010, more than 60 charges were filed against 19 defendants, most of them in their teens. The charges involved robberies, assaults and brandishing firearms, authorities said at the time.

Even earlier, a member of the gang MS–13 was convicted in Stafford in 2007 of capital murder in the death of a 21-year-old woman. Jose Santos Portillo–Chicas was given life in prison for the slaying.

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