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Three quick ideas for this warm Sunday

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Today’s forecast calls for 60-degree temps with overcast skies. Here are a few quick ideas for making the most of it.

1. Rediscover the Rappahannock River Heritage Trail

The 1.6-mile asphalt stretch connects the two parts of the Rappahannock Canal Path, making a 3.1-mile loop. It’s mostly flat, but there are a few small, moderate inclines. Walk with your family or bring your bike if you’d like.

You can park at Old Mill Park (another great free option for Fredericksburg families!) or any other number of spots downtown or along the river – and there’s certainly no requirement that you travel the entire trail.

2. Brave I-95 north to see Bau Bau

baubau200The panda cub will be on exhibit through 4:30 p.m. Expect a serious crowd and lines. But it’s a baby panda so it’s worth the wait, right?

Find more details and visiting tips here.

3. Head south and soak up Maymont

Your kids will love the animals, the rolling hills, easy-to-play-in streams, the Japanese garden and the river otters.

You’ll love all of that, too, as well as watching your kids have a blast outside on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Find more details and directions here.

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