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Spotsy raceway project requests VDOT waiver

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The fate of the proposed Dominion Raceway in Spotsylvania County could be decided by the Virginia Department of Transportation in a month.

A raceway consultant on Monday submitted an application asking VDOT to waive a requirement that commercial entrances be at least 750 feet from Interstate 95 on-ramps. The raceway’s proposed entrance off the north side of Mudd Tavern Road is just 280 feet from the Thornburg northbound on-ramp. The 160-acre raceway site is bordered by a conservation easement and the Po River, so potential entrances are limited.

The raceway also is seeking a waiver from VDOT that would allow that main entrance off Mudd Tavern Road to be closer to another nearby road than current rules allow.

Under the proposal, the entrance to the raceway would be 160 feet east of Mallard Road, a two-lane stretch that itself is close to the interstate. VDOT actually requires that there be 335 feet between the entrance and Mallard Road.

VDOT is reviewing the waiver application concurrently with a traffic study commissioned by the raceway. The developer’s study, along with a rezoning application, was submitted to Spotsylvania last week.

VDOT expects to take 30 to 45 days to review the study and waiver request, spokeswoman Kelly Hannon said. If the waiver were denied, the raceway would have up to 30 days to appeal to the state transportation commissioner. The commissioner would have 60 days to make a decision.

If built, the raceway would include an oval track for stock-car racing, a drag strip and a road course.

It also would have a large screen and a three-story entertainment complex that could be used year-round for festivals, concerts, drive-in movies and other events.

The Spotsylvania Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors must each have public hearings on the proposed raceway. Planning Commission members will make a recommendation, and supervisors have final say.

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