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Falmouth intersection change questioned


Dear  Scott: Why are drivers no longer allowed to turn right on red at the Falmouth intersection on just one side of it? 

I noticed a few weeks ago that a sign suddenly appeared for drivers traveling north on U.S. 1 that want to make a right onto Butler Road. 

The other three sides still allow right-on-red.

—Jason Kurtz

The change was made in July after fire and rescue crews raised a question of safety. They said there were instances of cars turning right on red and blocking the way for safety vehicles.

VDOT’s Kelly Hannon said the issue will be eliminated when the intersection is reconstructed.

Demolition of the buildings there has started, but the project won’t be finished until 2016.

When it’s finished, though, Butler Road will have four lanes on the westbound side (headed toward U.S. 17) and the eastbound side will have two lanes.

In the meantime, northbound U.S. 1 drivers will have to continue to wait for a green light to turn onto Butler Road.

But, hey, it’s better to spend a few more minutes at the light than running head-on into a fire truck.

Scott Shenk:  540/374-5436