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Man pleads guilty in fatal North Stafford crash


A man who killed a 38-year-old Stafford County man while driving drug-impaired last year pleaded guilty to aggravated involuntary manslaughter Wednesday.

Joshua Fitzpatrick, 24, of King George County was also convicted in Stafford Circuit Court of driving under the influence of drugs. He will be facing a maximum of penalty of 21 years in prison when he is sentenced March 4.

A jury trial for Fitzpatrick had been scheduled to start Wednesday, but he decided to plead guilty instead.

According to the evidence presented by Commonwealth’s Attorney Eric Olsen, Fitzpatrick was driving north on U.S. 1 near Telegraph Road in northern Stafford early May 7 when his truck crossed into the southbound lanes and hit an Infiniti head-on.

The Infiniti driver, Nadeem Rehman, died at the scene.

Deputy Matthew Flick testified at an earlier hearing that he was finishing up a traffic stop shortly after midnight when the truck came barreling toward him.

Flick said he pulled himself up onto his light bar and the truck missed him by about a foot.

Flick got into his cruiser to go after the errant driver, but the fatal crash had already taken place about a quarter-mile away by the time Flick got there.

The crash was captured on the camera in Flick’s police cruiser.

Fitzpatrick suffered an arm injury and a concussion in the crash. His fiancé, a passenger in the truck, was not seriously hurt.

The evidence showed that Fitzpatrick had Xanax, methadone and oxycodone in his system at the time.

A state trooper testified that Fitzpatrick told him he was on his way from

King George to Richmond at the time, a trip that would not have taken him to North Stafford.

The evidence also showed that Fitzpatrick had received an unusually large number of prescription pain medication in the months leading up to the crash.

The prescriptions came from doctors in and out of the area and involved more than 1,200 pills between Feb. 9 and May 1.

Court records show that one Fredericksburg doctor prescribed 800 oxycodone pills for Fitzpatrick between Feb. 9 and April 7.

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