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Spotsy man gets seven years for possession of child pornography


A Spotsylvania County man whose fetish for child pornography was exposed to police by his roommate was ordered Friday to serve seven years in prison.

Dustin Paul Williams, 24, pleaded guilty in Spotsylvania Circuit Court to six counts of possession of child pornography and was sentenced to 55 years with all but seven suspended.

According to the evidence presented by prosecutor Crystal Montague–Holland, police were called to 11104 Ascot Circle on Dec. 19 of last year. James Brant informed police that two women had gone into Williams’ bedroom to use his computer and found a folder containing graphic child pornography.

When told of the discovery, Brant confiscated the hard drive of the computer and told Williams not to leave because police were on the way. Police later searched Williams’ room and seized two thumb drives, an external hard drive and a cellphone.

Williams then waived his Miranda rights and talked to police. He told police that he had received the child porn, which he didn’t solicit, via Yahoo Messenger from a woman named “Alicia” in Pennsylvania.

He initially said he had opened the file only once, then admitted he had opened it more than once when he was told that a forensic specialist was going to examine the computer.

He also admitted having computer conversations in which he solicited sex from children, but said it was “all just for fun,” and that he never followed through.

While on the way to jail, Williams complained that the women had gotten him into trouble and that he didn’t see “what the big deal was.” He had earlier told police that the women had permission to use the computer.

Spotsylvania Deputy David Graham, who also heads the state Attorney General’s Office Computer Forensics Unit, found numerous videos and pictures on Williams’ property.

Williams was convicted on the basis of six videos that were deemed the worst. Five of those videos depict children who have been identified in the database for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, court records state.

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