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Police probe fight at Bailey’s

Two men were pepper-sprayed and a car was intentionally rammed following a brawl that erupted outside a Fredericksburg business early Wednesday, police said.

City police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe said the incident began inside Bailey’s Pub about 1:40 a.m. when two groups of young men got into an argument. A bouncer soon asked both groups to leave.

It remains unclear what the argument was about, but Bledsoe said the dispute seemed to be a continuation of something that had started at least a week earlier. Bledsoe said there were at least three people in each group.

Some of the men were standing outside the business a short time later when an Acura pulled up. A passenger got out of the car, witnesses said, and pepper-sprayed one of the men standing there. A bouncer saw the growing commotion and intervened; he too was struck by pepper spray.

Witnesses said the man who was sprayed later crossed a median and deliberately crashed his Jeep into the side of the Acura, which by this time was stopped at the traffic light at Carl D. Silver Parkway. The Jeep then sped away.

Everyone involved in the altercation was gone by the time officers arrived, but police got descriptions of both vehicles and found the Acura in the nearby Walmart parking lot. Two men were in the car, which was damaged, but neither was injured.

Bledsoe said both men admitted being at Bailey’s earlier and one said he used the pepper spray in self-defense. The men were unable to “reliably” identify the people associated with the Jeep.

The case is still under investigation but no one has been charged. Bledsoe said the bouncer declined to press charges because he did not believe that he was intentionally sprayed.