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Fredericksburg Morning Storm Update

According to spokeswoman for the Fredericksburg police department Natatia Bledsoe, Fredericksburg sustained minimal damage last night from Hurricane Sandy.

Fire crews responded to just a few flooded basements but no other damage was reported. There were no trees down in the city.

Mike Jones, deputy fire chief of the Fredericksburg Fire Department, said the city is nearly back to normal operation at 11:30 a.m.

Jones said there are no road closures in the city and very few power outages remain.

The Rappahannock River is expected to crest around 8 p.m. tonight at approximately 15 feet. At 11:30 a.m. it was at eight feet.

Jones said that just above 15 feet, the river could come close to the lowest house on Sophia Street and possibly flood its basement. He said that no other homes are expected to be affected. However, he has notified all homeowners on Sophia and Caroline along the river of the situation.

He said there will be some debris, but the river does not pose a serious threat right now.

The City Docks are currently closed.

Fredericksburg city offices are open today but city schools, the visitor center and the health department are closed.

Parks and recreation has no activities today.

Tuesday trash and recycling service is cancelled and rescheduled for Wednesday.  Expect the trash service to be somewhat delayed once it resumes on Wednesday.

FRED Transit is running but VRE feeder service and D6 are cancelled

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