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iPhone 5 hysteria kicks in – what do YOU think?

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Fredericksburg residents Amy Cary, left (foreground), and Francisco Hernandez, right arrived at 4:45 a.m. so Cary could pick up a new iPhone 5 at the AT&T Mobility store in Fredericksburg’s Central Park. It’s Cary’s first iPhone; she was jealous that her grandfather has had one for years. / Photo by Robert A. Martin


About 30 people were lined up outside the AT&T store in Fredericksburg’s Central Park shopping center when it opened at 8 this morning for the launch of Apple’s latest iPhone.

The first people in line–brothers Matthew, Andrew and Jonathan Whittaker–got there at 1 a.m. They had already pre-ordered the iPhone 5, but were buying one for Andrew’s girlfriend, who had to work.

Amy Cary, 25, got in line around 4:30 a.m. with her friend Francisco Hernandez, 25. Hernandez was there for moral support as Cary bought her first iPhone. Cary noted that everyone else in her family already had iPhones, even her grandfather.

“I’m behind the times,” she said with a smile. Now, she said, she can finally play Words With Friends.

Lynda Peyton, 48, got there at 7 a.m. It just so happened that the iPhone launch was also the last day that she could exchange her iPhone 4.

“Other than that, I wouldn’t be foolish out here losing my sleep,” Peyton said. “After you have one, you can’t really live without a phone that has everything.”

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