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Man pleads guilty to burglary spree that lasted over a year

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A man whose Fredericksburg burglary spree ended when a city detective saw him inside a city residence in January has pleaded guilty to 28 charges.

Jonathan Matthew Shepherd, 23, was convicted recently in Fredericksburg Circuit Court of 18 counts of breaking and entering, four counts of grand larceny with the intent to sell, three counts of grand larceny and three counts of attempted breaking and entering.

Prosecutor Travis Bird said the evidence showed that between the latter part of 2010 and January of this year, Shepherd broke into numerous homes and several businesses. In most cases, he cut a screen and went in through a back window.

On Jan. 9, Detective Carlos Reyes had a home under surveillance in the 1400 block of Franklin Street when Shepherd walked by his unmarked car. There had been several burglaries in the College Heights area that week, including an earlier one at the home that was being watched.

After realizing that Reyes had seen him, Shepherd ran and temporarily got away but left behind his wallet and identification. He was arrested a few days later while walking on Charles Street.

Bird said Shepherd’s DNA was recovered from the Franklin Street home and at several others.

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