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Man shot, killed in Stafford


A Stafford County man was shot and killed late Tuesday after he tried to stab a man who had refused to give him money, police said.

Christopher Rigby, 29, of no fixed address, was pronounced dead shortly after being shot in the chest in the parking lot of Earl’s True Value on Chatham Heights Road in southern Stafford about 11 p.m.

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Sheriff Charles Jett said a young couple were in a vehicle parked in the part of the lot farthest from the hardware store when they noticed a couple of men walking around.

The men eventually walked over to the car and one of them asked for a dollar. The man in the vehicle told him no and to leave them alone and the men left.

Later in the evening, Jett said, the two men returned. The one who had asked for the dollar went to the driver’s side window and tried to stab the man with a knife. The driver got a gun from his console and shot the knife-wielding man in the chest.

The woman in the vehicle called 911 and two deputies who were in the area responded immediately. The man who was with the shooting victim fled when the gun was fired.

Jett said that Rigby, who was homeless but previously lived on Ringgold Road a few miles away, was pronounced dead at Mary Washington Hospital. The knife was on the ground beside him when police arrived.

Jett said police found a homeless camp behind Earl’s where the shooting victim had been staying and got information leading to Rigby’s identity. Jett said his family was notified early Wednesday.

Police also found the man who was with him Wednesday morning and interviewed him. Jett said his story supported the ones told by the man and woman in the car.

He told police that after returning to the camp, the shooting victim became enraged about being turned down in his request for money. He told people in the camp that he was going back to get revenge.

The second man said he followed him but did not participate in the incident.

The couple in the car told police they were there having a conversation. The man has a valid concealed-weapons permit, Jett said.

No charges have been filed. Jett said police believe alcohol played a part in the incident.