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Slavery museum hearing delayed

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A federal bankruptcy judge has agreed to delay for a few weeks the next hearing in the U.S. National Slavery Museum’s bankruptcy case.

The museum was due in court June 6 for a hearing on its reorganization plan. But attorney Sandra Robinson asked for a change of date. She said  she recently accepted a new job, and the shift to the job and closing her own office has “substantially limited counsel’s availability to the Debtor to prepare” for the June 6 hearing.

In her request, Robinson said she has been consulting with the museum’s creditors about the reorganization plan, trying to ensure that the one creditor allowed to vote—Pei Partnership Architects—might support the plan, and that she didn’t think a delay would prejudice the vote.

On Wednesday Judge Douglas O. Tice Jr. agreed to push the hearing to June 27.

At the museum’s last hearing, Tice told Robinson she would need to prove her reorganization plan is feasible during the next hearing.

The slavery museum owes debts of about $7 million, including about $254,000  in back taxes to the city of Fredericksburg. Its reorganization plan relies on resuming fundraising and proposes to repay creditors over the next four years.


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