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King George election update

UPDATE: Grzeika won for supervisors with 53.81 percent, Parker had 46.18 percent.

Around half of the precinct results are in for King George County, so here’s an unofficial update of the results at this point.

With three out of six precincts in for King George County, sheriff incumbent Steve Dempsey is in the lead with 76.43 percent, with opponent Freddie Hottle holding onto 23.37 percent.

In Dahlgren, supervisor candidate Ruby Brabo takes the lead with 87.5 percent, while opponent Robert Rhoten has 12.5 percent, with one of two precincts reporting – possibly the absentee ballots.

The supervisor race in James Madison is much closer, with two out of three precincts in, as incumbent Joseph Grzeika has around 53 percent, while opponent Renee Parker follows with almost 47 percent.  Also in James Madison, in the school board race with two-thirds of results reported, Kristen Tolliver takes the lead with a little under 56 percent and Raymond Duncan follows with just over 44 percent.

The school board race is also too close to call at this point with only half of the precinct results in.  John Davis is in the lead with a little over 38 percent, followed by Anthony Scaramozzi with almost 35 percent, and Rachelle Matney reaching 27 percent.