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Take TV with you to the bathroom, thanks to streaming FiOS iPad app

Forget Black Friday. Cyber Monday is where the action is–especially at lunch time.

The ‘App Gap’: Affluent kids playing with iPads while disadvantaged kids veg in front of the TV

You know you’re addicted to technology if you can’t bathe without it…

‘Future-Proofing’: Best Buy will buy back your iPad if you develop Xoom envy

BlackBerry Playbook vs. iPad, performing side by side

Motorola Xoom tablet named CES’s top gadget of 2011: What the Xoom can do that the iPad can’t

Surprise Google demo of Android Honeycomb operating system on Motorola Xoom tablet

I’m pretty sick of tablets already

Honeycomb pretty sweet; Motorola Xoom pretty cool. Together, can they challenge the iPad?

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