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Verizon iPhone users won’t be able to multitask

The Wall Street Journal reports that AT&T iPhone users will have one advantage over users of the new Verizon iPhone.

While Verizon’s CDMA network is likely to have fewer dropped calls, users of the new VWz iPhone they won’t be able to multitask–talking on the phone while surfing the Web or updating their Facebook status, for example.


  • Dean Fetterolf

    Leave it to Verizon to cripple useful features on proven devices.

  • Ken Blazek

    Unless this thing is ready for 4G LTE network, it will be hampered by a slower network. Verizon’s CDMA network is slower than AT&T’s HDSPA network. I wonder adding a predicted 6 million users is going to affect it, if at all.

    And for the record no 4G network being talked about right now by any carrier is true 4G. They do not meet the required speeds to accurately use the name. Tmobile is the worst offender right now as their “4G” network is a copy of AT&T’s with actual slower speeds,

  • Joey

    Verizon isn’t crippling the phone, this is the downfall of a CDMA network. It’s similar to EDGE where you can only do data or voice at one time.

  • Puruntong

    “AT&T iPhone users will have one advantage” come on Mike. I see no point to argue this as not everyone wants to be on the phone while surfing the net.

    Let’s look at the bright side, Verizon iPhone users will have “Unlimited data plans” as oppose to AT&T setting a cap on data usage. And “3G Mobile Hotspot for up to 5 lines” which AT&T currently is dragging its feet on implementing because AT&T network just cannot handle it. How’s that?

  • Rob

    I hope a huge number of AT&T iPhone users stampede to Verizon. AT&T is investing huge amounts to upgrade its network and coupled with the reduced load from fickle customers, there will better response times and bandwidth for the rest of us.

  • Sam


    Tmobile’s network is not a COPY of AT&T, it is the same technology. You argument is paramount of saying the Sprints network is a copy of Verizons because they both use CDMA and EVDO.

    T-mobile and ATT operate on different frequencies and to bring FACTS out…

    T-mobile was the FIRST to offer HSPA+ speeds of 14.4mbps, ATT followed.

    T-mobile has actual higher real world speeds than ATT in comparative markets where both have HSPA+ 14.4

    T-mobile will HSPA+ 42mbps in a number of markets by years end

    T-mobile is the first to announe a roadmap to 100mbps, while ATT is still determing how much they will continue to invest in HSPA+ and when they will switch to LTE.

    ATT has done the least to this point of any US carrier in regards to moving to 4G and yet incorrectly still claims they are the nations faster broadband network.

  • Mike

    At no point did I mention T-Mobile, so this is totally random. But feel free to get your plug in.

  • Joel

    There are many reasons why switching to the verizon iphone wont be a good idea. First of all, iphone users on the verizon network wont be able to multitask and that was a huge thing when the iphone 4 came out. Another is that verizon is new to the iphone, AT&T is already ahead of the game. So those planning to move from AT&T to Verzion, you should think twice before making a move you will regret.

  • Chad

    I have the AT&T Iphone 4 as well as the Verizon Iphone 4. Altought I do like the multitasking feature on my AT&T my verizon Iphone 4 wins in data speeds everytime but then again if I am on the phone I can not be on the internet. But I have less dropped calls with Verizon