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Ceremony: Goodbye, Louisa High

Louisa County school officials will host a closing ceremony Tuesday to celebrate the ‘life’ of Louisa County High School before it is demolished.

It will be time for the community to say goodbye to the building that has historical significance and holds so many memories for many Louisa residents.

“During the event, guest speakers will recount the significant events that took place in the building, and attendees will also have an opportunity to write down their favorite memories which will be used later in the new school,” said Louisa County schools spokeswoman Jaclyn O’Laughlin.

The 73-year-old building received structural damage last August 23 when a 5.8-magnitude earthquake shook the region. The epicenter was in Mineral, where the high school is located.

The damage is not repairable and nearly $20 million in grant money was awarded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help rebuild the high school. A modular school was built next door for students to attend while the original school is out of service.

The ceremony will be held at 5 p.m. Tuesday at the entrance of the original high school, O’Laughlin. If it rains, the ceremony will be held at the modular high school in Building R.

Demolition of the Louisa County High School building will take place in the next few months, O’Laughlin said, and once the process is completed community members will have an opportunity to obtain a brick from the structure.

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