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Thanks to all and Alan Jackson


Willie L. Harper, Chairman, Louisa County Board of Supervisors

Gregory V. Strickland, Chairman, Louisa County School Board

Pam Harlowe, Mayor, Town of Mineral

Larry Kavanagh, President, Louisa Education Foundation



May 25, 2012



On behalf of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors, the town of Mineral, the Louisa Education Foundation and Louisa County Public Schools, we would like to thank the numerous individuals and businesses for their support in making the Alan Jackson concert and charity golf tournament a success.

We would like to thank Alan Jackson for performing and Capitol Records Nashville for helping plan and organize both events. We are so grateful to Smithfield for being the lead sponsor of the concert and for joining with the United Food and Commercial Works Union to make a generous donation of 30,000 pounds of food to the FeedMore Food Bank that serves Central Virginia. We would also like to thank the Royal Virginian Golf Club for hosting the charity golf tournament and sponsoring the concert.

We would also like to thank the many local persons and groups that assisted with the performance including the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office, Louisa County Fire and Rescue Departments, Virginia State Police, Virginia Department of Emergency Management, LCPS bus drivers, LCPS students who helped set-up the stage, LCPS administrators, and the concert attendees. We also send our gratitude to Demand It!, which is the organization that held the online contest, to Alice Graves for being the first voter to get Mineral on the voting list, and to the many determined individuals who cast their votes to have Alan Jackson perform.

In addition, the county couldn’t be more appreciative of the $152,500 donation that the school division received during the concert, which will be used to upgrade the auditorium in the new high school and enjoyed by future generations to come.

Louisa County is so grateful to Alan Jackson for a personalized performance this past Sunday, which was a great experience for all who attended, and a way for the community to show the world around us that we are healing from the earthquake and moving forward with the rebuilding of our schools.