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NEA Donates $10,000 to Louisa County Public School Division

NEA Donates $10,000 to Louisa County Public School Division
The Louisa County Public School System received a $10,000 donation from the National Education Association, which will help cover the costs of rebuilding two of the county's schools that were severley damaged after an earthquake.
Last Wednesday marked the three-month anniversary of the 5.8-magnitude temblor that quake caused more than $80 million in damage to homes, businesses and schools on Aug. 23. 
Thomas Jefferson Elementary and Louisa County High schools were left unusable as a result.

Princess Moss, who is a member of the NEA Executive Committee, the past president of the Virginia Education Association as well as a former Louisa County teacher, recently presented the check to the Louisa County School Board at its November meeting.    

        “I remember the days when, as Louisa County Education Association president, I stood before the school board asking for something for the educators of Louisa County,” said Moss, who taught for 21 years at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, which suffered structural damage during the earthquake. “Tonight I stand before you to bring you something for the educators of Louisa County and on behalf of the 3.2 million members of the National Education Association.”

            Dr. Deborah Pettit, LCPS superintendent, was very appreciative of the donation.

            “We are grateful to the National Education Association for its support of the school division during this time, and thankful to them for this act of kindness,” she said.

The check that was presented to the school division was written on behalf of the NEA Health Information Network, which is the non-profit health and safety arm of the NEA.

“We at the National Education Association are all greatly saddened to hear of the destruction left in Louisa County by the earthquake earlier this year,” Jerry Newberry, executive director of the NEA Health Information Network, wrote in a letter to the Louisa Education Foundation. “Our hearts go out to the school staff, students, and community members who have been impacted by this disaster.”
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has approved Gov. Bob McDonnell’s requests to provide disaster relief funds for both private homeowners and public facilities. More than $3 million had been distributed to homeowners this month.

The Public Assistance funds will help offset the costs of repairing the damaged schools and schools and other public facilities. Pettit said modular schools are being established to house the 2,000 students who were displaced due to structural damage at those two schools.

Fundraisers and foundation donations have brought in thousands of dollars and community residents have donated hours of time to help get the schools back on track.

Pettit held a news conference last week to express gratitude for the support the school division has received from the community, state and nation since the earthquake.

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