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Police investigating rash of home burglaries

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a series of residential burglaries in the area.

According to Lt. Jeff Sims of the Louisa sheriff’s office, seven homes in Louisa have been burglarized in the past month and numerous items stolen, such as electronics, jewelry and other valuable items. Four additional complaints of attempted residential burglary and general theft are also under investigation, he said.

Sims said sheriff’s offices at four neighboring jurisdictions–Fluvanna, Goochland, Hanover and Albemarle–are also investigating similar residential burglaries, which may be connected.

An older blue Buick, a light-colored small SUV or wagon and an older light-colored lowered-suspension extended-cab Chevy S-10 pickup have been identified as possible suspect vehicles, Sims said.

Sims said citizens should contact law enforcement if they encounter anyone trying to sell items at blow market value or if a transaction seems suspicious. He also suggests that citizens help protect themselves by photographing their valuables, recording serial numbers or etching personal identification numbers on all of their valuables.

Anyone with information on these burglaries can contact the Louisa County Crimesolvers at 800/346-1466.

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