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Louisa animal shelter re-opens today

From Louisa County officials:

As a precautionary measure, Louisa County Officials made the decision to temporarily close down the animal shelter effective Friday June 10, 2011, to address a possible parvovirus outbreak. This decision was made after receiving (2) unconfirmed reports of puppies, adopted from the Louisa County Animal Shelter, having died from exposure to the parvovirus. Subsequently, Louisa County has confirmed through veterinarian offices that three (3) puppies adopted from the shelter had died from the parvovirus.

During this time of closure, the Animal Shelter immediately quarantined all dogs so that they could be monitored and observed for any signs of having been exposed to the parvovirus. Any new intakes were kept separate from the quarantined dogs. All dogs, depending on their health, who had not received a parvovirus vaccine, were given the inoculation immediately.

Shelter personnel have also been scrubbing down the facility daily with bleach and disinfecting cleaners to eradicate any possible traces of the parvovirus.

In addition, all persons who adopted a dog from the Louisa County Animal Shelter within the past six weeks were contacted by Shelter personnel to alert them of the possibility of their dog being exposed to the parvovirus. All veterinarian offices within the county, as well as the surrounding jurisdictions were notified and asked to call the Shelter should any cases of dogs infected with the parvovirus be brought into their facility.

As of today, all dogs that were quarantined and placed under observation at the Louisa County Animal Shelter have not shown any signs or symptoms of having contracted the parvovirus. Parvo Snap Tests (which detect the presence of parvovirus) were administered to the puppies and dogs yesterday, and we are happy to report that all tests came back negative for the parvovirus.

Based on the above information, Louisa County is confident that any potential parvovirus outbreak is no longer a threat and will be re-opening the Shelter effective today, June 21, 2011.


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