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Dominion presents report on electromagnetic fields

Less than a month after resident Dreda Newman expressed concerns about the possibility of being exposed to electromagnetic waves from the new substation at Dahlgren, a spokesman from Dominion Virginia Power presented a report on the topic.

James Beazley, a state and local affairs representative with Dominion, attended the King George Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday. He gave a slide-show presentation on electromagnetic fields, or EMF. He said no federal, state or international agency has found that exposure to EMF at “the levels typically found in our communities” poses any health hazard.

Dominion’s new transmission line, from State Route 3 to Dahlgren, creates magnetic fields, he said. The fields are produced by the flow of current through electrical wires, and the strength of the fields increases as the current flowing through the line increases.

Dominion’s new line is a high-voltage one, carrying 230 kilovolts. It has cost about $36 million to build the line, which should be finished by July 1.

Beazley said his company designs the transmission lines in sites to minimize the levels from magnetic fields.

Anyone who is concerned about the levels can request free readings. Those interested can call 866/366-4357.

The new transmission line is designed to bring more electricity to the growing Dahlgren region and the Navy base. The plan includes a new substation, which is being built across the road from where Newman lives.

On April 15, Newman wondered if people might develop health problems after living so close to a substation for 30 or 40 years. Then, in tongue-in-cheek fashion, she said: “I know they’re doing it for the rail gun and that’s probably more important than our lives right down there in Dahlgren.”

View Dominion’s full report here. DOMINION POWER – BOS Update 6May2014 (3)