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Brabo questioned by fellow supervisors for involvement with residents

Twice at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting, Dahlgren District Supervisor Ruby Brabo was questioned by her cohorts about whether it was proper for her to help constituents seeking service from the county.

In previous months, two women and a husband-and-wife couple spoke at separate meetings about the need for wireless service. Brabo passed along contact information of each person to the others. On Tuesday, she reported to other board members that she had attended the first meeting hosted by the new group, King George Connect.

“Wouldn’t it be a conflict to have someone from this board serving on another board?” asked Supervisor Cedell Brooks Jr.

“I’m not on another board, I went to a meeting,” Brabo responded.

In the same report, Brabo said she drove a neighbor, who is legally blind, to a meeting with the company doing property reassessments. The neighbor wasn’t able to fill out the information card left on her doorknob, and Brabo suggested the county consider asking the appraisal company to hold a session for people with disabilities. That way, they could report answers and changes in property to assessors.

Chairman Dale Sisson Jr. chastised Brabo for her “involvement with the appraisal process” and advised against board members, as individuals, participating in it.

“That process is separate from us as a board,” he said.

“I was just helping my neighbor get here,” Brabo said.

“Understood,” Sisson responded.