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Supervisors explore their options regarding fracking

King George supervisors have asked the county attorney to look into what options they have in terms of allowing fracking in the county.

Supervisor Ruby Brabo brought up the controversial topic Tuesday night, wondering “what role, if any, this board shall play.”

Chairman Dale Sisson Jr. said the board should direct County Attorney Eric Gregory to provide guidance on “what the county can or can’t do.” King George doesn’t get to “make laws for all of Virginia,” Sisson said, but Brabo added that “we should be prudent and at least know what our ordinances permit or don’t permit.”

“And know what the State Code allows us to do,” added Supervisor Joe Grzeika.

An Oct. 13 story noted that Shore Exploration and Production Corp. in Dallas has leased tens of thousands of acres east of Fredericksburg and hopes to begin drilling for gas and oil within 18 months.

It would use hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, which involves drilling and injecting fluids underground at high pressures to fracture rocks, releasing oil and natural gas.

Last night, Brabo passed around two stories about fracking. One was about the conditions the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors imposed on an oil and gas company and a second detailed injuries after a fracking explosion.