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A look at landscaping at Dominion’s proposed substation in Dahlgren

Officials with Dominion Virginia Power outlined their plans to landscape—and camouflage—the new substation that will be built in Dahlgren.

Dominion plans to build a 10-mile overhead transmission line from State Route 3 to the new station, being built on the property at the Navy base. The project will cost an estimated $36 million and is expected to meet the growing demand for electricity in the Dahlgren area.

At Supervisor Ruby Brabo’s town-hall meeting on Jan. 24, Dominion’s forestry representative showed a drawing of the types of vegetation that would suit the area. There will be a mix of pine and deciduous canopy, as well as an evergreen tree mix between the substation fence line and the existing trees, said Daisy Pridgen, the company’s media relations officer.

As the new lines enter the site, some of the existing trees will be removed, Pridgen said. In their place will be a four-tier screen across the lower part of the site, with two rows of evergreen trees, as well as shurbs and other under-growth.

The “mix of form, color and textures of the plant material will add depth to the screen,” Pridgen said and provide a buffer between the station and nearby homes.

The fence enclosing the new substation will be set back 140 feet from the existing Navy fence along Potomac Drive.

Here’s a look at Dominion’s proposed landscaping: Dahlgren Landscape