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Special exception for a special case

You don’t walk away from too many Board of Supervisors’ meetings with a warm and fuzzy feeling, especially when the topic is a special exception permit.

But it was a different story last week, when Robin Bowyer and John Zayla appeared before the supervisors on Tuesday. The two asked permission to put a mobile home on their lot, in addition to their primary residence, so they could take care of Bowyer’s mother, Joyce Simms.

Simms lives alone in West Virginia, in a community where no one comes by to check on her or take care of her, Bowyer told board members. She wanted to put a mobile home on the 2-acre property, in the Igo area of the county, for her mother.

Supervisors unanimously approved the request as did the Planning Commission. Supervisor Chairman Cedell Brooks Jr. praised the applicant. He said: “I commend you for taking care of your mother.”

So do we.