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Just in case someone builds a meth lab . . .

The Board of Supervisors is looking at an ordinance that would make anyone convicted of running a methamphetamine lab have to pay for the costs of cleanup.

“It can run from several thousand to several hundred thousands of dollars,” said County Attorney Matt Britton.

He suggested the new ordinance two weeks ago, then on Tuesday, the board voted to advertise a public hearing on it.

“We don’t have any of those in King George County, do we?” asked Supervisor Chairman Cedell Brooks Jr.

“We’ve only had one crystal meth case in my 13 years and a guy drove in with it,” Britton told him.

“What, he had it in the back of his truck?” Brooks asked.

“No, he carried it with him,” Britton said.

But the idea of mobile meth labs, where people cook or manufacture the drug, crystal meth, in a vehicle isn’t so far-fetched. Britton said offenders will get old-style cars, like old Buicks, and set up operation in a trunk. That’s really dangerous in the event of a fender-bender, he said. Chemicals from the drug can eat away the skin and burn the eyes, Britton said.