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County plans an ‘active shooter’ drill next week

King George County will simulate an event that’s in the news all too often these days when it holds its second full-scale emergency services drill next week.

A shooter will be on the loose in a public place.

Officials are keeping the location of that place, and other details of the drill, under wraps to “increase the realism,” said Lt. Steve Lynd of King George’s Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services.

The exercise will take place over two days, Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 29 and 30.

The simulated shooting will take place the first day. About 150 fire and rescue workers and officers from the King George Sheriff’s Office will respond.

They will set up a command structure at the county’s Emergency Operations Center. It’s housed in the Fire and Rescue headquarters on State Route 3.

The drill also will involve some type of hazardous materials.

On Thursday, the respondents will gather at the Emergency Operations Center to evaluate the response and focus on planning for such events.

The exercise is funded by a grant from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. And it’s definitely real life, Lynd said.

“The planning team created a very realistic scenario,” he added.

Last August, the county held its first full-scale drill, a simulated spill of toxic pesticides, which ended up contaminating a water system.