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Man with cats had horrible auto accident

Photo by Suzanne Carr Rossi

Kenny Garner, the disabled veteran who already had various ailments, suffered extensive injuries in a recent automobile accident.

The King George County man who is known for having dozens of cats swerved to avoid hitting a dog, said Cathy Markwith, vice president of the King George Animal Rescue League.

His truck overturned and crashed into a tree, and both Garner and his wife, Grace, had to be cut out of the vehicle, Markwith said.

“He is still in a body cast and neck brace and not doing well at all,” Markwith said. “Grace has lots of bruising, but seems to be faring better.”

The animal rescue league got involved with Garner in January when volunteers learned about his health situation—and the number of pets in his home. He said he had about 15 cats and two dogs inside, and many more cats outside that had been dropped off by residents who didn’t want them. Garner made sure they all got fed.

“I hate to see anything go hungry,” he said in January.

Garner is 60 and was exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. He has cancer, diabetes and nerve damage. He gets a disability check each month from the Department of Veterans Affairs and has requested more because of his deteriorating condition.

KGARL members agreed to work with Garner to find homes for the animals and get them vaccinated, spayed or neutered.

Garner and his wife, Grace, were on their way to deliver a cat to an adoptive home in Warsaw when the accident happened last week, Markwith said.

Meanwhile, KGARL volunteers hope to finish trapping all the cats at Garner’s home this week. Markwith said the original estimate of about 45 cats was low. By the time the last outside cats are removed, the volunteer group will have taken more than 90 animals from the home, Markwith said.

“Mission Impossible was actually possible,” she said in an email.

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