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More info about the deed to the Dahlgren trail

Jim Lynch, a member of the Friends of the Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail, went to the King George Courthouse Wednesday and found the deed to the trail property.

“It took the two nice folks in the office to help me find it,” Jim said in an email. He put a copy in the box of Supervisor John LoBuglio.

There was a rather lengthy discussion during the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday about the deed. LoBuglio said he and others had tried to research ownership and couldn’t find anything on record. It was one of several points LoBuglio quibbled over with Warren Veazey, who gave a formal presentation of the trail history and asked the supervisors to endorse it.

Jim said at the supervisors’ meeting that the property is listed under a corporation. The name on the deed is “Ridgewood 2000” and the deed index number is 20080509000028010.

David Brickley, a former state legislator from Woodbridge and director of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation from 1998 to 2002, purchased the land in 2006.