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Citizens continue effort to raise money for landfill memorial

King George resident Rich Lorey is continuing an effort to raise money to erect a memorial for service members whose partial remains were dumped at the King George Landfill.

Lorey, who organized the King George Tea Party, wanted to give local residents a chance to pay proper respects to fallen service members and their family members. He and other citizens would like to place a memorial on the landfill property.

The idea was initiated by Supervisor Ruby Brabo. She said people understand that the county and Waste Management were not at fault, but didn’t want the “perception to be that King George citizens were indifferent to the situation.”

Lorey, a member of American Legion Post 89 in King George, picked up the effort. He’s met with an architect, David B. Post, who will design the memorial at not charge. Lorey also continues to receive contributions from as far away as New Hampshire.

“We can only do what we believe to be is right,” Lorey said. “It just continues to sadden me that the remains were not buried in some place of honor.”

Even though Waste Management operates the landfill, King George County owns the property—and supervisors will be the ones to decide if and where a memorial should be placed. Several have indicated that a landfill isn’t the appropriate setting.