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State burning law in effect Feb. 15 to April 30

King George County officials remind residents that the state’s 4 p.m. burning law goes into effect tomorrow, Feb. 15, the start of spring fire season in Virginia.

This law prohibits burning before 4 p.m. each day from Feb. 15 to April 30 if the fire is in, or within 300 feet of, woodland, brushland or fields containing dry grass or other flammable materials.

Violating the law is a Class 3 misdemeanor punishable by up to a $500 fine. In addition to the criminal violation, those who allow a fire to escape are liable for the cost of suppressing the fire and damage to other property.

Burning of leaves, yard waste or trash continues to be the major cause of wildfires in Virginia, according to fire officials. These “debris“ fires can easily escape unless proper precaution is taken.

For additional information visit Virginia Department of Forestry’s website at or contact King George Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services at 775-8900.