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The Fischbachs: examples of what all of us should be doing

We see examples all the time, especially in the political world, of people who preach that others should do as they say, not as they do.

Here’s an example of two who do the opposite. It was written by Luke Miller:

“Thursday I had a chance to meet and take a few photos of Bill and Linda Fischbach. Like me, they attend Trinity United Methodist Church here in King George. Our pastor mentioned them as good examples of what all of us should be doing.

Bill and Linda Fischbach

“They have taken it upon themselves to help ensure the King George Social Services food pantry stays stocked with food. Bill and Linda pick up the food Trinity members donate and take it to the pantry each week. But I found that Trinity is not the only church they support in this way. They mentioned they do this for Little Ark Baptist Church and there may be others.

“In talking with them I found they were very dedicated to this service. They told me a moving story about a man who was distraught when he went to the food pantry to get food for his family and the pantry was bare. They seem committed to making sure that does not happen again.

“When I first asked to meet and talk about ‘their’ ministry, Bill and Linda gently reminded me that it was the ministry of all of us and suggested I bring canned goods when I came.

“They are a really sweet couple and I enjoyed my time with them.”