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Supervisors say they’ll help with 2-percent raises for school workers

The King George Board of Supervisors said on Tuesday they’re interested in helping the School Board with its projected shortfall and making sure that school employees get 2-percent raises.

They also said they need more information about the shortfall and any solutions School Board members have—as soon as possible.

Supervisors appropriated money last year for a 2-percent increase for all county and school employees, starting Jan. 1.

School Board members announced Jan. 9 they’re facing a shortfall of almost $400,000, mainly because they have fewer students than predicted. The state and county allot money based on the number of students, and the dip in attendance means a drop in funding.

The School Board also spent more on special education and transportation than expected. Because of the extra expenses, the board voted to suspend the raises for school employees.

School Board members could have faced an even bigger shortfall, if the county scaled back its financial support based on average enrollment. But Supervisor Joe Grzeika said the board wouldn’t reduce the money it’s given the schools.

Supervisors want to meet with School Board members as soon as possible because they’re already working on next year’s budget.

At Tuesday’s meeting, former School Board member Renee Parker encouraged the supervisors to “commit to the education of students in the county.”

She was the only person to ask the supervisors to support the 2-percent raise for school workers.