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Here’s an interesting story from the coyote’s point of view

A recent story about coyotes brought back memories of Paula Barnes’ father.

In 1946, he wrote a story from a coyote’s perspective while spending a winter in Idaho, trapping. During the decades that followed, his story sat folded up, in a box, as water and time damaged random words and almost wiped out the last paragraph.

As a Christmas present to the family, Paula and her husband, Gary, who live in Stafford County, filled in the missing words and included a picture of Paula’s father, Arden Oldfield. He looks very much like a mountain man in the black-and-white photo.

His story is called “We Are Not the Same, A Tale of Two Hunters,” and is a poetic piece of prose, told from the coyote’s point of view.

Oldfield was raised on a farm in Nebraska and was a welder for Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, Calif., during World War II. By the time Paula was born, he worked as a fisherman and boat builder.

Paula loved going on hunting trips with him although she never shot a gun.

“I learned a lot about nature and life from him,” she wrote.

Here’s his cool story:

Coyote story