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Dahlgren Arby’s and others have closed

The Arby’s restaurant in Dahlgren and nine other franchises in Maryland, owned by the same company, have closed.

KBK Inc., based in Char lotte Hall, Md., said in a post on its website that “due to financial difficulties brought on by the economy we have been forced to close our stores by the Arby’s Restau rant Group.”

It added that after many attempts to negotiate with the fast-food chain’s corpo rate office, Arby’s decided last Friday that it was better for KBK to close than for the franchisee “to continue to make progress on securing long-term solutions.”

Other Arby’s franchises in the Fredericksburg area were not affected.

Read the full story, by Business Reporter Cathy Jett, in tomorrow’s Business section.

Here’s the home page of KBK Inc., and what it posted about the closings.