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How many fire-rescue volunteers are there? County numbers don’t add up

See if these numbers make any sense to you.

One of the things mentioned in the King George County Fire & EMS study is the critical shortage of personnel, both career and volunteers. The report stated the continued loss of volunteers has decreased morale and forced the county to shift the workload to career staff.

Yet, since summer 2008, the number of volunteers has grown, at least according to information the King George County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services has given us.

Consider this:

  • IN SUMMER 2008, before the county adopted an ordinance putting Chief David Moody in charge of all volunteer and career workers, the county reported 58 active volunteers.
  • IN AUGUST 2009, when reports circulated that at least 23 volunteers had resigned, the department reported 62 active volunteers.
  • IN NOVEMBER 2010, when there was a town-hall meeting to discuss the chaotic and unorganized response to a September fire, Moody stressed there were 65 active volunteers.
  • FOR THE 2010 Virginia Fire Services Needs Assessment, King George said it has 75 active volunteers.

Earlier this year, Chief Moody said that “volunteer personnel numbers are constantly revised every month.” He mentioned that juniors come of age or active members need a leave of absence because of changing circumstances. “This is very common in volunteer fire/rescue systems,” he said.