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Landfill puppies ready to be adopted

Bridgid Maciejewski with Clark, Tony and Selena. Photos by Robert A. Martin

The three puppies dumped at the King George Landfill in September look happy, healthy and normally rambunctious.

“They’re sweethearts, they really are,” said Kim Harrell, a vet tech at Princess Anne Animal Hospital in Fredericksburg. “They’re getting much bigger, and they’re all doing wonderful.”

The puppies are about nine weeks old and weigh six to nine pounds each. Initially thought to be some sort of Labrador blend, they look more like Beagle mixes now, said Bridgid Maciejewski, the Waste Management worker who’s taken over their care.

The puppies got a clean bill of health at the vet’s today and are ready to be adopted, she said.

She regularly fosters animals dropped at the land fill until she finds homes for them, and she’s pretty particular about where these three will go.

Here’s the link to the full story and more photos.

Maciejewski snuggles with Selena.