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Complete description of Dominion’s proposed transmission line to Dahlgren

Here’s a more complete description from Dominion Virginia Power on the proposed route for its 230-kilovolt transmission line to Dahlgren.

The selected choice, Route C, is approximately 9.43 miles long and originates approximately 2,600 feet west of the intersection of Dominion Virginia Power’s existing transmission line (parallel and north of State Route 3), and State Route 205 (Ridge Road).

The route runs northeast approximately 1.6 miles until it crosses State Route 611 (Eden Drive) at a point approximately 700 feet north of the intersection of Route 611 and U.S. 301. The route then continues generally north approximately 4.3 miles where it crosses Route 301 at a point approximately 5,100 feet south of the intersection of Route 301 and State Route 218, Windsor Drive.

The route proceeds to the east approximately 3,800 feet and crosses Route 218 at the intersection of Route 218 and State Route 615, Berry Wharf Road.

The route then parallels Route 615 approximately 4,800 feet and then turns to the north for approximately 5,100 feet until it crosses State Route 206, Dahlgren Road. The route then turns to the east for approximately 4,800 feet until it terminates at the proposed Dahlgren substation site at Naval Support Facility (NSF) Dahlgren.

It ends where Commerce Drive meets Potomac Drive, not farther up Commerce Drive where the new Walmart is.