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Natasha has 15 puppies to care for

Natasha, the yellow Labrador retriever who became a foster mother to the three puppies who survived being dumped at the landfill, has had her own litter. On Sunday, she gave birth to 12 puppies, her biggest litter yet.

All are doing well, said Bridgid Maciejewski, the King George County employee who took in the three abandoned puppies. She said she and Natasha’s owner, Stephanie Kline, are bottle-feeding the 15 youngsters twice a day, just to make sure everyone gets enough to eat.

Animal Control Officer Kevin Ellard said he hasn’t gotten any information about who might have dumped nine puppies at the landfill last week. The pups were placed in a black bag, with water in it, and left in a trash bin at the Sealston Convenience Center.

I’ll have more about Natasha and her wonderful mothering skills in a column Friday in the Life section. Here’s the first story about the landfill puppies.