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School Board asks for joint meeting with Supervisors

Last night, King George School Board Chairwoman Renee Parker  requested a joint meeting between the School Board and Board of Supervisors.

She stood up during the public comment portion of the meeting and said she wanted to go on record with the request.

Supervisors told her they will schedule a meeting after the School Board provides a list of topics for discussion. That’s what’s been holding up scheduling the session, the supervisors said.

The two groups pledged in April 2010 to hold quarterly joint meetings. Parker reminded the supervisors the two boards hadn’t met since November.

The conversation between Parker and the supervisors was pleasant enough, but things got more heated later in the meeting. School Superintendent Candace Brown requested $48,000 from the county to repair the leaking roof at the old King George Elementary School. Supervisor James Mullen asked if the old building had been slated for demolishment and wondered why the county was putting money into a facility that would be torn down.

The discussion prompted School Board member Lynn Pardee to get up from her seat in the audience address the supervisors. She told them children as young as two are served in the building and the least they deserved was not having ceiling tiles falling on their heads. She suggested this expenditure was more important than one the county just discussed, which happened to be about $50,000 in damage to a fire and rescue vehicle–which the insurance is covering. And she pretty much  blamed the supervisors for the school population. She said the cheap cost of living is what has attracted people to King George in the first place. 

Supervisors approved the money to fix the roof. They didn’t say much in response to Pardee’s little sermon, at least during the meeting. Heads certainly were huddled afterwards, though.